Coaches and groups
are welcome.

Fast, fresh and good.

Our ‘Gasthof’ is well prepared for large travel groups. So that you can go on quickly.

With 260 seats and WiFi throughout the building, we guarantee a relaxing stopover for your travel group.

Lunch break or coffee break?

Breakfast, a menu or a la carte, coffee break or dinner – there is always a good reason for a break.

Tell us what you would like and we will make you an offer accordingly.

After that, head towards your destination in a good mood.


Take a break!

Near the A2 Grimmenstein exit

Our inn is located in the immediate vicinity of the Grimmenstein motorway exit in Lower Austria with a spacious parking lot for several buses.

Despite the good accessibility, our inn is comfortable and pleasantly quiet.

Freshly cooked and served quickly

We always cook fresh and with regional products.

Thanks to good preparation and many years of experience, we are able to quickly serve several large coaches with food and drinks – so that you can continue your journey soon.

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