Local ingredients for
regional specialities

Regional is important to us.

Short distances, fresh ingredients, regional producers.

We mainly use products from small businesses and organic products for our specialties, which we can recommend with a clear conscience.

Our suppliers come from the area and are carefully selected by us. Find our suppliers here so you know where your food is coming from.

Our suppliers

We are proud of our producer companies. That's why we'd like to introduce them to you.


  • Bäckerei Koll, Grimmenstein
  • Bäckerei Fischböck, Warth
  • Bäckerei Breitsching, Scheiblingkirchen


beef and pork

  • Maier, Warth- Schlögl, Scheiblingkirchen
  • Birnbauer, Neunkirchen

fallow deer

  • Ungersböck, Petersbaumgarten


  • Pichler und Gremel, Kühbach


chicken and turkey meat

  • Glatter, Pöttelsdorf
  • Haller, Bromberg


  • Grundner, Kirchschlag


Trout, char

  • Schlager, Trattenbach


Fruit juices

  • Winkler, Kirchschlag

Apple and pear cider

  • Pichler, Hochegg


  • Kölbel, Krumbach


  • Schwarzbräu, Krumbach

More food

  • Potatoes: Schwarz, Ransdorf
  • Pasta: Sinabel, Olbersdorf
  • Vegetables, berries, mushrooms: Igel, Scheiblingkirchen
  • Eggs: Stocker, Lanzenkirchen
  • Garlic: Handler, Lanzenkirchen
  • Farm Ice Cream: Eisgreissler Blochberger, Krumbach
  • Milk-u. dairy products: Handler, Olbersdorf
  • Goat cheese: Mandl, Pengersdorf
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